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What is 2C-B? 

2 cb


2C-B is a novel psychoactive substance that was invented by biochemist and psychopharmacologist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin in 1974. We  sell the the drug and other similar drugs at very affordable prices. We offer a complementary overnight shipping for sales above $250 so while you shop here you should make the most of it. 

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    Das war meine erste Bestellung bei dieser Seite und auch meine erste Erfahrung mit Trüffel bzw. Mushrooms. Ich kann nur dringend empfehlen die Truffel Schnell zu verbrauchen und kalt zu lagern. Was das Essen angeht macht euch einfach ein Sandwich mit Nutella oder etwas anderem sehr intenvisen um den Geschmack zu verdrängen. Der Versand ging relativ gut, leichte Verspätungen sind aber vermutlich auch Corona vetschuldet
    profile picture placeholder
    Vladmir Charmers
    Almost a year ago I had ordered matazapec shrooms. I Prepared myself for the trip by cleaning my house and dieting 4 days in advance only simple, plain food (Rice and Vegetables, no Oil, Salt or Spices) On the day of my Session I sat down to write my intentions for the trip, meditated, turned on my Trip-Playlist and then ate 15 g. The Taste was not bad at all, I actually liked it. The trip itself was quite strong: first I got catapulted out of my body into "Space" where I met some interesting entities. After A while I was shot back into my body and I never felt so home in my body. The rest of the trip I had beautiful visions of myself and wandered through my inner self, where a lot of healing was going on. I will definitely try those shrooms again one day!
    picture placeholder
    Randy Tran
    9g was ingested on empty stomach by a male in his late 20s (1,8m/80kg). It resulted in slight nausea, visual distortions 1h later, and deep, profound astonishment over the miracles of nature for next 5 hours. Joint smoked at T=+3h caused a bit of confusion and anxiety, but it was far from a bad trip, since the set & setting were perfect - which is what should never be neglected.
    picture placeholder
    Grzegorz Chustecki
    Cant remember the last time I left a review for anything I've bought but this stuff is truly fascinating. I bought the Oz pack and received 19g. I thought maybe they are giving me a little extra as they knew it was my first order. I ate 8g and meditated with some positive vibes while lay down on my bed, when i closed my eyes i saw the most beautiful visuals I've ever experienced in my life. I can't thank Psychedelics Bank enough for putting their neck on the line and providing such a service for people.
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    Endang Everdeen
    Great LSD Gels & a very quick delivery to the UK. Gave me an extra 5gs too. Eat all 33gs & had quite an intense trip, would recommend these for first timers & experienced trippers. Thank you for an amazing service Psychedelics Bank!!, I would highly recommend this company & will definitely use them again. Peace and love. ðŸâ„¢âŠ“Š’⊓Š’
    picture placeholder
    Joe Alan

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